Monday, March 15, 2021

1963 Alcort Sunfish CHIP 24 Feb 21 Deck Edge Repair and Floorboards

24 Feb 21:

CHIP got banged up a little during Hurricane Sally, some chips along the deck edge and one floorboard washed away. We filled in the divots with TotalBoat THIXO thickened epoxy dispensed from a 18:1 High Thrust caulk gun and smoothed it out as best we could with a plastic spreader, hoping to minimize sanding. 

The wooden Sunfish have floorboards, we cut a new one from 1/4 inch marine grade plywood for CHIP, painted it with TotalBoat WetEdge BlueGlo White and coated the top with TotalTread non skid. The test fit was today and everything fits perfect.

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