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19 Mar 23:

Attention Deficit Alert! Boat postings have been  slow, so I'm going to cross post from my Signal Charlie aviation safety blog, Smithfield Seaport blog and Tidewater Trains blog. Deal with it.

There are many things from flying and boating that cross translate, certainly port and starboard nav light colors. Early aviation stole most of their early terms from the maritime community, especially since a lot of early aircraft were flying boats, as there were very few prepared surfaces to land on, but seaports everywhere. 

Today's musing:

19 Mar 23:

Remember Herb's Rules to Live By:
1. Use a Checklist.
2. Look outside
3. Never fly hard IFR in a single engine aircraft

Herb flew from the age of 13 until his early 90s. The best pilot I ever flew with. Period. We sat down to discuss the top 3 things he'd emphasize when leaving Earth, and he spent some time up there, almost 40,000 hours airborne. When we flew together he was the Chief Pilot for Van Bortel Aircraft, and his fingers danced around that Garmin 1000 like a virtuoso. I wasn't even sure how to power it up.

Herb on the left. Old looking guy on right

Fly Smart!

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