Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Boat On A Dolly On A Trailer

22 May 18:

Took some pictures for a dolly article for Small Boats Monthly, one concept was using the dolly to carry our boat on the trailer. The boat rides nice in the sling and it was not too difficult to roll the tongue of the trailer up the keel rollers. The axle rests firmly on the bunks. This rig might be an option for those who have multiple small boats, easier than changing bunks around. It is also easier than maneuvering a boat off of the dolly and up onto the bunks, and reversing for the offload.

Here are some photos for pondering.

We had fun trying it out!

The dolly is custom made for our Penobscot 14 by Dynamic Dollies and Racks. We have several for our other boats and they are holding up great in our salt water environment. The tires have tubes and the dollies are light weight! We are e-dealers for Dynamic, if you would like to order a dolly send us a message. We can offer free shipping in the Continental US!

Faire winds
Kent and Audrey

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