Monday, May 21, 2018

Trailer Chocks

21 May 18:

We like to make chocks for our trailers, paint them the boat color if we can. Usually there is a scrap 2x4 or 2x6 laying around, pressure treated preferable. 2x4s work great for tires up to 12 inches, bugger tires like the 2x6s. Cut 4 blocks, 12 inches each. If we want to get fancy we bevel the edge that fits under the tire. Next we bore a 1 inch or larger hole on the bottom to make room for a stop knot, a little over halfway through. If you bevel the edge of the blocks, bore the holes on opposite ends so the bevels will be inboard. Then drill a smaller hole through the middle if that just a bit larger diameter than the scrap line that we plan to use. Now is a good time to find a heel of paint and put a coating on the chocks, we use a bright or contrasting color so we don't trip over them, luckily we don't have any concrete or grass colored boats. 2-3 feet of line is enough, run through the holes and put a figure 8 knot on the ends.

Fair Winds and Happy Chocking!

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