Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Carpenter Bees

22 May 18:

Now we don't know what it is about chocks but Carpenter Bees love them. Here is a nice hole that one drilled through CYANE's chock. Hopefully they pay most attention to the chock and not the wood boats nearby. Also good to note is that if you pick up a chock and it is buzzing, gently lay it down and walk away, far far away.

We had some cypress on a bending jig, took a piece off for BARBASHELA and spotted a bee hole in it. We thought it might still fit so we cut the scarf and luckily there was enough plank left to use. The bee was found deceased, it had bored in from the side, went to the short end of the plank, then turned around and started the other way.

So we bought some traps, the wood block has a hole at the top that the bees spot and crawl into, towards the light in the bottle. Once they get in there they tend to stay in there. We keep a few traps around where our wooden boats are stored.

Bee Smart out there!

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