Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Armada Relocation Pods #3

 23 Feb 21:

PODS #3 arrived, the POD system is pretty ingenious. The truck shows up and a travel lift is used as needed to lift the pod off of the truck, the truck is moved and then pod is lowered. Once free of the pod the lift can walk itself back over to the truck.

We are ordering 16 foot pods so we can fit our 13' 7" foot Sunfish on a dolly inside. 1981 AMF Sunfish MADISON wasted no time claiming her spot.

For this POD we built a 5 x 8 table to stack other bits on, once we get to the new homeport we'll repurpose the table as a craft table. It will be heavy with the 2 x 4 planks on the top, so I built the frame first, hoisted one end up and rolled MADISON underneath, as her dolly wheels were too wide to fit past the legs. 

Next we lowered the frame and added 2 x 4 x 8 pressure treated pine planks to make the table top,

Our Subaru Outback SUPER GUMBY helped us gather the last few planks, we love the versatility of the cargo space.

We needed something to prop up the bow of the dolly, so I made another John Gardner Boat Shop Stool, signal flag Bravo. More info on that in another post

We loaded SCUPPERS also, and left some space above MADISON so she doesn't get damaged, she had a rough ride through the hurricane and deserves a break. Shop Stool BRAVO pressed into service immediately, paint still tacky.

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