Saturday, February 20, 2021

John Gardner Boat Shop Stool Signal Bravo

 20 Feb 21:

Traced the patterns onto scrap cypress. 1 top step, 2 legs, 1 center brace and 2 side braces. Cut them out with the DeWALT 20V jigsaw.

To cut the handhold into the center brace we drill a starter hole for the jigsaw blade.

It is easier to round most of the edges before assembly using a 1/8th inch roundover bit on our DeWALT compact trim router. Some edges, like where the side braces attach to the legs, are better left square. Also it would be easier to paint all the pieces before assembly, but I was impatient.

Marked fastener holes with an awl.

We used #10 silicone bronze screws, 2 1/2 inches long, predrilled pilot hole and countersunk with a Fuller combination pilot hole and countersink bit. Long screws help hold everything together.

Ready for paint.

Intermission. Skipper wanted to visit Opal Beach, the road has just now opened after Hurricane Sally damage Sep 2020.

We coated the stool with TotalBoat WetEdge Fire Red, BlueGlo White and Halcyon Clear Satin Varnish.

One of our crew's first name initial is B, so the step stool got Signal Flag Bravo colors.


  1. How do you like the Dewalt 20v jigsaw? I’ve got multiple Dewalt 20v tools, but have always been disappointed with (corded) jigsaws. But the 20v one was tempting...

    1. Howdy, I've been very happy with the 20V brushless jigsaw. No cord to trail behind and snag in the cut line. Not even sure where my corded jigsaw is now...
      Clark and Skipper