Wednesday, May 5, 2021

LED Guide Post Lights

 26 Apr 21:

We took ONKAHYE up to Eddie English Boat Trailer in Milton, Florida to get LED guide post lights added, we are going to be hauling ONKAHYE 900 miles and like the idea of extra lights on the back of the trailer. A side benefit is the extra set of guide posts will help guide the boat during launch and recovery. Before the upgrade, the frame mounted trailer lights are tucked low and under the boat.

While we were at Eddie's we took the self guided tour. Skipper considered stealing, er, borrowing the forklift.

Changing of the guard. 

Boat Trailer art, new nature emerging and other items returning to nature.

Box frames on boat trailers, used in salt water, require rapt attention. Low points in the frame need drain holes, because water WILL get in and then it needs a way to get out. Trailers need to be rinsed with fresh water soon after immersion, some folks even carry a yard sprayer full of fresh water to the ramp with them. The scary part about box frames is that when a rust spot appears, it is usually emerging from the inside of the frame and there is much more corrosion inside the frame. 

29 Apr 21:

Hopefully this will get folks' attention.

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