Friday, January 4, 2019

Barnett Butterfly

04 Jan 19 Update:

We have owned a few Barnett Butterflys, they are lively boats! Here is a picture of the Skipper sailing Sweet Emotion and Sweet Emotion II.

From SBR 4: Jun 2014 -

The hull is a scow design, blunt bow, with a round turn of the bilge. Deep cockpit. She looked a little unusual on land but she rolls right onto that chine and flies. Just over 12 feet long with a 54 inch beam. 18 foot mast, 75 square feet of sail on a Marconi rig. The mast is 2 parts, held together with a scarf sleeve.

The rudder flips up and is made of metal and is lightweight, overall the boat weighs 135 pounds. She points and tacks well and is a fun sailer. The one drawback we found was stepping the mast, the base is a ball and socket affair that allows the mast to feather into the wind. Two people is best, with a confident grip on the base. The benefit of the stayed mast is that the sail can easily be lowered between excursions.

There are over 10,000 Butterflies out there with several Fleets formed, so support forums and parts are available.

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