Thursday, November 15, 2018

Penobscot 14 ST. JACQUES 28 Oct 18 Sculling and Salvage Ops

28 Oct 18:

Went out in ST. JACQUES for a little exercise, light wind so we planned to row a bit against the ebb tide and then catch a ride back to the dock. Sail a bit if the wind picked up. Skipper found out she could scull with the rudder and make about 2 knots. Also a good test for the new tiller design, it held up great.

We used the padook to clear the groins, I rowed a bit, Skipper sculled, then I rowed back with a little wind on the top of the brailed sail. On the way back we spotted a few snags that were hazards to navigation, dock and seawall boards and knocked loose by Hurricane Michael, so we grabbed them with with the padook and brought them to shore. ST. JACQUES first marine salvage operation!

Miles rowed 1.5/Total 13.25


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