Tuesday, July 6, 2021


06 Jul 21:

The garage shelves got loaded with Carriage House items, along the way we noticed a furniture dolly begging to be the base for our Shop Vac/Dust Deputy combo. It was a great fit, we screwed the Vac and Deputy to the dolly and now they don't tip over anymore!

Mounted ONKAHYE's motor. We shim it a bit so that it can raise to the highest tilt position and clear the transom.

Borrowed Skipper's pipe wrenches and ball peen hammer to swap the 2 inch ball over to a draw bar with a smaller 2 inch drop. She inherited the tools from her Grandma.

Carriage House work bench and Tool Trolley will live in the garage until the new Carriage House appears, we may build it, contract it out or have a prebuilt storage building trucked in.

Carriage House tools will bunk with the Sail Loft gear for a while.

Meanwhile out in the North 40, we found some rubber wash rack mats at Tractor Supply that make nice pads for the trailers. They'll keep the tires from sinking into the muck, just in time for Tropical Storm Elsa rain.

We moved ONKAHYE over about 2 feet, now we can get out the door to the back porch. Eventually the wagons and gas cans will migrate to the new Carriage House.

Our Penobscot 14 plans to hide in the garage until Elsa passes by.

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