Friday, July 16, 2021

Sunfish Shack - Mid Atlantic Squadron

 11 Jul 21:

 Sunfish Shack - Mid Atlantic Squadron: A new homeport for the Armada drives the requirement for a new Sunfish Shack. We cleared a few areas in the Boat Yard and selected a spot for a 16x16 Shack to get started. We are making this deck 4 feet deeper because on the last shack we had to turn the Sunfish diagonal to get optimum protection, and in this Shack we will experiment with some vertical storage on racks or hoists vs having a 40 foot long structure.

A "For The Record" before picture. Oops, looks like the Shack has started to form.

Cones 'R Us.

Still guessing at what size we wanted, but finally decided 16x16, or 256 square feet, which happens to be maximum shed size to build without a permit for our locality. 

SMEDLEY will anchor one end of the Shack and the Work Dolly/Strongback may park on the other side. We've still got some overgrown brush and the "North 40" to clean up, then the dolly will probably relocate to the location of the new Carriage House. ST. JACQUES is eyeing one stall in the Shack.

Seems like a good spot.

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